My 2011 Model Search is already fully underway. I have both commercial and artistic projects in several genre just waiting for the right model. If you are experienced and gorgeous, I want to hear from you. But even if you are new to modeling, or have minimal modeling experience but you have the desire and commitment, then please do apply today. Fresh faces are always welcome. I have worked with may inexperienced models. I can each you the techniques necessary to begin or advance your career.

   You must be at least 25 years of age, but there is no upper age limit. I have worked very successfully with models into their 50’s and my projects lend themselves particularly well to more mature subjects.

   When filling out the application, please be sure to respond to the required fields (designated by the orange asterisk) and please be absolutely honest in your answers and assessments. Should you be selected, all of the information you have submitted here will be verified.

   You will be asked to submit some photos with your application. Don’t worry, your images (and all of the information you submit on this form) will be kept strictly confidential.

   There is no charge to the model to enter the model search. You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission within three days. If you are selected, we will schedule a meeting to cover details, discuss the projects you are considered for, and to answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to bring a person with you to the meeting.

   If we agree on a project, a test shoot will be scheduled. There is no charge to the model for the test shoot and you will received five fully produced printed portfolio sized photos at no charge. If you wish, you may purchase additional images or printed photos from the test shoot.

   I look forward to receiving your application.


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